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Toy Hoops

Mass customization of hoops for leading toy brands and retailers

Toner Plastics is the leading manufacturer of toy hoops in the USA. Whether it’s a cost friendly hoop that offers maximum consumer value or a proprietary design for a premium product experience, our toy brand and retail customers count on us to produce the highest quality hoops in a just-in-time environment.

Partner with Toner Plastics for your toy hoop production needs


Comprehensive Hoop Manufacturing Capabilities

From co-extruding multi-colored and swirled striped hoops, to applying proprietary holographic foil, to inertial enhancements and sound effects, Toner Plastics has all the know-how and capability required to produce all kinds of hoops. We support entrepreneurs and inventors to bring new, innovative and differentiated product ideas to market.

Our toy hoop customers value our mass production capacity, comprehensive color palette, and close attention to quality standards. Our 120,000 square foot facility allows for unmatched assembly, warehousing and logistics services. With over 25 years selling to major retailers, our customers benefit from our experience and infrastructure while enjoying a favorable cost structure that allows them to compete effectively in the market.

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