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3D Printing

Flexible provider of high-quality 3D printing filament

Toner Plastics is a leading North American manufacturer of 3D printing filament. Wholesalers and resellers can receive product more quickly and without tariffs with our USA-made filaments. Inventory carrying costs, minimum order quantities, and lead time are minimized, which is essential for a growing business with uncertain demand.

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Toner Plastics’ 3D printing filament is produced for several of the industry’s leading desktop printer manufacturers, 3D printing supply companies, and other filament resellers. We produce filament for other filament manufacturers when they need help with capacity, technical expertise, or logistics. Larger companies looking to commercialize the next best 3D filament material find that Toner Plastics is the ideal converter and toll manufacturer partner. All of our filament is made with high-quality materials and includes various options in sizes, colors, diameters, and material types. 

While we focus on manufacturing on a wholesale or tolling basis in order to help our customers be successful with their own brands, we also offer some of our products directly to consumers via our web store. All Toner Plastics 3D filaments are made in the USA. Check out our factory clearance section for great bargains on top grade filament. 

Product features include:

  • A variety of filament types such as PLA, ABS, HIPS, TPU, PETG, ASA and more
  • Standard and custom colors 
  • Flexibility in sizes: 1 lb, 1 kg, 5 lb, 10 lb, 25 lb and more
  • Filament thickness diameters of 1.75mm and 2.88mm 
  • Custom labeling and packaging 


  • Laser micrometer process control
  • Process data collection
  • Custom packaging
  • White/private labeling
  • Wide range of polymer and additive extrusion
  • Toll manufacturing
  • Freight and logistics support
  • Personalized customer service

Made With Our Filament

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TPU Tires
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PLA Plane
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PETG Clamps
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ABS Wrenches