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Given our exceptional quality standards and quick turn around times, we’re often asked by our clients that have already invested in tooling to take over the production of their products. Whether it is an injection mold or a set of extruded profile tooling, we can maximize the value of your investment and get into production quickly for you

Transferred molds are quickly assessed and repaired by our experienced tooling team. Following the assessment, the mold is carefully tested on one of our injection molding machines. If you have a mold that needs to be fixed, we will provide full diagnostic reports with the repairs. We perform ongoing routine maintenance and repair to the molds as if they were our own. For these reasons, our customers benefit from higher quality, greater throughput, and better reliability following an injection mold transfer to us. 

Transferred extrusion profile tooling is adapted by our team to run on our extrusion lines as economically as possible. Additional jigs or fixtures that can solve problems may be implemented. As time is typically of the essence when the decision to transfer a tool is made, our team of expert extrusion professionals sees to it that production commences quickly and meets the customer’s expectations

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