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Injection Molding

Comprehensive molding capabilities

Toner Plastics can injection mold custom parts for any market thanks to our machinery portfolio, process engineering capabilities, quality system, and diversified manufacturing services.

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With 50 injection molding presses ranging from 15 to 850 tons, Toner Plastics is not only one of the larger custom injection molding companies in the Northeast, but one of the most diverse. The products we mold include medical devices, plastic beads for the craft industry, point of purchase displays, organizer boxes, and plastic spools. We make our own proprietary products, many of which can be found on the shelves of national retailers, and also provide custom molding services for our customers. This breadth of molding experience allows us to provide our customers with services that cater to their specific needs

Toner Plastics is unique as an injection molder in that we manufacture both molded and extruded parts and package them together with other customer-supplied materials. Our point of purchase display customers, in particular, find that logistics, transportation, and communication issues are minimized as a result of our comprehensive manufacturing and project management capabilities.

Molded parts often need secondary operations performed prior to final assembly. As your one-stop shop for plastics manufacturing technology solutions, we offer a variety of value-added services to eliminate costs and accelerate to final assembly:

Assembly and Secondary Operations:

  • Part Assembly
  • Finishing Work
  • Labeling
  • Packaging
  • Ultrasonic Welding
  • Machining
  • Fixtures
  • Drilling


  • Pad Printing
  • Silk Screening

As a leader in plastics manufacturing technology, in addition to injection molding, Toner Plastics also provides profile extrusion services while assisting its customers in mold design engineering and project management. Contact us to learn more.

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